Moonstone: Captured Moonbeams

Moonstone: Captured Moonbeams

Moonstone: Description, Uses & Properties

Moonstone is an exquisite stone associated to changes, fertility, intuition, emotional balance and divine feminine. It has a sublime energy that captivates whoever sees it. Its beauty is as extraordinary as the spiritual benefits associated to it.

Moonstone is a variety of the feldspar-group mineral orthoclase. It gets its name from its glow which resembles the moon shinning through a thin cloud cover. This effect is known as adularescence and appears to float within the stone when you move it.

There are different varieties which include white, orange, peach, gray, blue and brown Moonstone. They are opaque to semitransparent with a silky surface and a shimmer in blue, silver or white.

This almost magical effect is probably what makes it so beloved. Moonstone can be found displaying its charm in cabochons, rings, pendants and more. The combination of price, size and color makes it perfect for jewelry. 

Moonstone has been admired throughout history thanks to its mysterious hue and as good luck stone. During the Art Nouveau era (1890s–1910s) designers like René Lalique and Louis Comfort Tiffany created jewelry with this gemstone.

Moonstone is considered sacred in India. According to Hindu mythology, it is made of solidified moonbeams and it was a gift from the Moon to Lakshmi and Vishnu gods. 

Moonstone is produced in Brazil, Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka, which is the world's most important source of high quality Moonstone.

Moonstone Uses and Properties

As Birthstone

Moonstone is one of the modern birthstones for the month of June. It is associated with Gemini and Cancer zodiac signs.

This gemstone will bring them self-balance, love and a creative thinking.

Chakra Healing

Moonstone will aid to balance Chakras according to its color. For example: white for Crown, peach for Solar Plexus, orange for Sacral, brown for Root Chakra. 

It also balances the Heart and the Third Eye Chakras.

Physical Healing Properties

As Moonstone is related to the divine feminine, it balances the hormonal system and the body natural rhythms. It is known for helping to relieve menstrual disorders and for being beneficial for fertility and pregnancy. 

It is also considered positive for the pancreas, the liver and the entire digestive system. It cleanses the body of all waste substances and toxins.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

This mystic stone connects with the moon and its phases. Moonstone is a perfect crystal when we are living periods of changes. Known as the stone of new beginnings, it reminds us that changes are part of the cycle of life.

Its energy connects us with divine frequencies and with our psychic gifts. Moonstone will help to develop intuition, telepathy, lucid dreams, clairvoyance. 

Moonstone helps to stabilize emotions, relieves stress and cultivate empathy. It has a calming effect and removes negative energy.

In addition, Moonstone will guide you to connect with yourself encouraging introspection and increasing creativity.

This gem balances feminine and masculine energies. However, it is not a stone strictly for women, Moonstone will help men to connect with their feminine energy. 

How to use Moonstone

You can place Moonstone in different parts of the body. For example, on Third Eye Chakra for spiritual experiences, against your chest to comfort your heart and calm emotions, on Sacral chakra to boost creativity.  

Wearing a Moonstone ring or pendant is a way to connect with your inner goddess, sensuality, intuition and feel peace.

How to care for Moonstone

Moonstone should not be exposed to high temperatures or direct sun light. 

Clean it with warm, soapy water. If needed, you can also gently clean it with an old nail brush before rinsing and patting it dry with a soft cloth.

Are you ready to be touched with the cosmic light of Moonstone? 🌙


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